Point of Sale (POS) for PrestaShop

Sell your online products with barcode scanner!

EK-Si PrestaPOS is a Point of Sale web application which works with PrestaShop, a free shopping cart software. You can use it at your real-stores with barcode scanner or by choosing products and attributes from your online store's catalog.



English, Français, Deutsch, Türkçe, Български, Русский язък, Română, Español, Dansk, Nederlands, Italiano, Svenska.
Or you can translate it to your language, there are just 20 words to translate.


Nothing except a working PrestaShop 1.6.x, 1.5.x or 1.4.x

Compatible with:

Client OS: Mac OS X 10.., Windows XP..8.., Android 4.., iOS 5.. (iPad), Linux .., Unix, ..
Browser: Firefox 30.., Opera 12.., Safari 6.., Chrome 36..
Server OS: Linux .., Windows 2003..2008, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, ...
Webserver: Nginx 1.0..1.5.., Apache 1.3..2.4, IIS 6..7, lighttpd, Cherokee, LiteSpeed, Varnish
Database: MySQL/MariaDB 5.0..5.5..
PHP: PHP 5.3.0..5.6.9
PS: PrestaShop 1.4.0..1.6.0..


EK-Si PrestaPOS v5 STD; with support & updates for 6 months
for PrestaShop:
1.6.x   1.5.x   1.4.x  
  €200 EUR


You can pay with your credit/debit card with this button. PayPal account is not neccesary for many countries. Or, it is easy to create one. We accept MoneyGram, Coinstar, Bitcoin and bank transfers too (please ask for the information).

15% discount for BitCoin! €170 EUR = ฿0.??0BTC. Contact us for the address.

Return policy: As this is not a physical product, you can't give it back to us. Please try the online demo and ask your questions before buying.

If you would upgrade your PrestaShop later, you can get EK-Si POS for the new PS version for free.

The price includes:

Please ask for other usage situations.